Posted by Kristin on Mar 24, 2015 Pantone’s Color Forecast For Spring 2015 | Utah Style & Design Although it feels like we’ve hardly had winter, spring has arrived heralding in a delightful spectrum of nature’s most optimistic colors and trends. We all want to refresh and revitalize ourselves and our environments. The single best thing we can do for our interiors is bringing in fresh flowers or flowering plants. As designers we know that greens and florals hold aRead more

Furniture Fetish

Posted by Kristin on Feb 25, 2015  There is a long list of movies with inspiring interiors but in 50 Shades of Grey the furniture stole the scenes. I found myself drooling over sconces and heart racing over sumptuous upholstery. Although the spare living area was better suited to a dance party, the individual pieces were stunning. I found my favorites from Koket design.http://www.bykoket.com/home.php This dreamy upholstery is in Anastasia’s bedroom. A tease for the next movie might be toRead more

Sofa Art Pairings

Posted by Kristin on Feb 03, 2015 In the following images I selected art pairings for these sofas with the combined composition in mind. In this first selection a midcentury tailored sofa was relaxed by a salon-style or gallery wall hanging. The neutral sofa is fabulous to play against. It’s neutrality was invigorated by kick-ed up orange and complimentary blues and greens. It is further punched up the graphic qualities of Wendy Chidester’s Trike painting. The contemporary qualities of MichelleRead more

3 Resolutions for Your Home in 2015

Posted by Kristin on Jan 06, 2015  It’s new year and great things are happening all around us. There has been a deluge of work and an abundance of inspiration. A resulting consequence of good fortune is that the late nights working, holiday parties and travel had left me in a state of survival maintenance at home. For some taking down holiday décor leaves them a bit sad with empty homes. But I relish and delight in how clean andRead more

Entries, Foyers, Hallways, and Stairs. Oh My!

Posted by Kristin on Dec 12, 2014 What to do with entries, foyers, hallways and stairways? And what do they all have in common? These areas are transitional spaces and lend incredible opportunities. For foyers and stairs I like to go for big impact with a statement light fixture, bold gesture rug, or compelling art piece. Make these areas dynamic and compelling. For hallways I like to create rhythm with art installations that run the length of the hall andRead more

Merry Winter, Happy White

Posted by Kristin on Dec 06, 2014  Our long beautiful fall has given us the opportunity to wish for snow and just in time this season. At this point the halls have been decked or not as we slip into the holiday. And enjoy the beauty, togetherness and contentment Christmas brings. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Kristin Rocke http://christmas4u.tumblr.com/post/38623218868 http://eslamoda.com/arboles-de-navidad-que-te-haran-sentir-realmente-ordinario http://aquieterstorm.tumblr.com/ http://theinspiredroom.net/2013/11/21/simple-christmas-decorating/Read more

Seated in Satisfaction

Posted by Kristin on Nov 11, 2014 Sometimes we need touchstones to remind ourselves that there is room in the world for every creative voice. Us “creatives” need the work and the world needs to experience what we have to give it. That’s why designing and seeing this chair realized provides such smoldering satisfaction. My intention for this chair is placing them on the front deck of the soon to be completed surf shack and restaurant on a secluded beachRead more