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Come in for Gallery Stroll to check out our featured local artist! The third Friday of each month we open in the evening for the new exhibit.

This month we welcome Jimmi Toro  an American contemporary artist, painter, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer. His art speaks to a balance of control & chaos, struggle & victory, primarily focusing on the human element and the vast emotional connection we all have to each other. Demonstrating artistic talent in Toro’s early years moved him to drawing and painting in a realistic manner through childhood and grew by changing and experimenting with different theories, techniques, illustrations and ideas. Toro believes that viewing a piece of art can invite beauty into the viewers lives, and in effect, open their eyes to something transcendent, making a lasting connection to, and establishing a relationship with this beauty. This relationship can then expand out into the world and into other elements of their life as they progress on their path forward.